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BlueManik, The island of jewels, and Modern Mine-to-Market Gem Trading



Sri Lanka, formerly Ceylon, was called Ratna Dweepa in Sanskrit meaning Island of Jewels. The Island certainly lives up to this name as Sri Lanka has been a mining and trading source for colored gemstones for over 2,500 years. In the Mahavamsa (The Great Chronical of Ceylon) it mentions a gem encrusted throne of a Naga King in 543 BC when the first written records of the Island exist. The great Roman naturalist Pliny The Elder wrote of ambassadors from the Island describing their richness in gemstones in the mid first century AD. Marco Polo visited the island in 1293 AD and described the abundance of gems of a variety of types.


In addition to the richness and abundance of gems, Sri Lanka is strategically situated on trading routes from the East to the West. Arab and Persian traders bought treasures of gemstones from 500 AD and 1500 AD from the Sinhala rulers of the Island that controlled the possession and trading of gemstones. From the 1500s into the 20th century Europeans merchants brought Sri Lankan gems to Europe and the reputation of Sri Lanka as a premier and bountiful source of gems continued. Today Sri Lanka is a thriving gemstone source and a leading cutting, treatment, and trading global center. Besides their own production Sri Lankan traders are leading buyers of rough in Africa. A rare combination of a true mine-to-market country covering the entire supply chain. 


BlueManik is a third generation family of gem traders in Sri Lanka and now reaching globally to the most important gem sources. The Grand Parents of current Managing Director started the gem business in the 1940s. Since he was a child, he was involved with gemstones. Learning the art and sciences of evaluating rough, treatments, and cutting as well as the art of trading at a very early age. Once completing his Master’s degree in England He returned to Sri Lanka in 2014 and founded his own family gem trading business BlueManik. Uniting generations of gem expertise with a modern, global business perspective.


BlueManik is a mine-to-market company buying rough directly from Sri Lankan mines to mines in African gem producing countries such as Mozambique, Tanzania, Kenya, and Madagascar. BlueManik is constantly in the field and at the mines procuring rough and always being at the forefront in the gem source mine markets. 


BlueManik deals in sapphire, ruby, spinel, tsavorite and a variety of Sri Lankan and African colored gemstones purchased right at the mine and expertly cut in Sri Lanka. They have extensive contacts for buying at the mines, and work with the finest cutters in the world to manufacture finished stones for the global market.


In addition to their expertise in the supply side, and manufacturing BlueManik has extensive expertise in the global market including China, South East Asia, Europe, America, and the Middle East. This gives BlueManik a unique perspective and tremendous advantage for bringing the right goods to the right markets at the best prices and value.

Blue Manik Services

  • Dealers and Exporters of precious and semi-precious gemstones.

  • We facilitate the opportunity for buyers (International and Local) to purchase gemstones at our office located at the international gem market in Chinafort, Beruwala.

  • We accept international and local orders specially based on buyer's requirements.

  • The relationship of the same family who has established relationship to miners in the mining districts of Sri Lanka and Africa gives us an ample supply of quality gemstones.

  • Also the sisters company of our family in the gem trade has established links in the mining areas of Tanzania, Mozambique, Madagascar, Kenya, Nigeria and state areas of gem mines in the African continent, enables us to provide any high quality gemstones to meet any of the demands that our customers might have.

  • When purchases from our establishment is transacted, the Buyers are assured that high quality gemstones are sold at competitive prices, bypassing the middleman, since we make fresh hand sales for our Buyers.


National Gem and Jewellery Authority
Sri Lanka Export Development Board

BlueManik Team