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About Us

Blue Manik

The family of the 'Blue Manik' is the fourth generation of a family of Gem traders who has been actively involved in this business since 19th Century, at the most famous city in down south of Sri Lanka namely Beruwala. The fore fathers of our Generation have dealt with a lot of Arab Traders who visited nearly 2500 years ago, for the transaction of Gem business.

Anciently, Sri Lanka was known as the 'Ratnadeepa' which means the Island of Gem due to its unique resources. Evidently the evolution from generations of the same family in the gem trade, 'Blue Manik' takes pride in introducing ourselves as one of the pioneers of cut and polished precious and semi-precious gemstones of all varieties.

Blue Manik Services

  • Dealers and Exporters of precious and semi-precious gemstones.

  • We facilitate the opportunity for buyers (International and Local) to purchase gemstones at our office located at the international gem market in Chinafort, Beruwala.

  • We accept international and local orders specially based on buyer's requirements.

  • The relationship of the same family who has established relationship to miners in the mining districts of Sri Lanka gives us an ample supply of quality gemstones.

  • Also the sisters company of our family in the gem trade has established links in the mining areas of Tanzania, Mozambique, Madagascar, Kenya, Congo, Nigeria and state areas of gem mines in the African continent, enables us to provide any high quality gemstones to meet any of the demands that our customers might have.

  • When purchases from our establishment is transacted, the Buyers is assured that high quality gemstones are sold at competitive prices, bypassing the middleman, since we make fresh hand sales for our Buyers.